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        During the recent Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Racing Association Awards Banquet, Ruben Escalante was introduced to the local horsemen as the new chaplain of the Los Alamitos Race Course division of the Race Track Chaplaincy of America. Chaplain Escalante took on the responsibility on January 1, 2017. He has been serving for almost four years as head pastor of the Adventist Church that is located next to the racetrack property, in the clubhouse of the old Cypress Golf Course.

“We are thrilled to have Pastor Ruben as the new chaplain of the Los Alamitos RTCA,” said Orlando Gutierrez, the organization’s president. “In the short time that he has been leading the congregation, Pastor Ruben has already become an important part in the lives of many people that work with the horses at Los Alamitos Race Course.”

His pastoral and educational ministry has extended for over 35 years and four states. He has served as youth pastor, associate pastor, head pastor, university chaplain, high school teacher, principal, and superintendent of schools. His greatest accomplishment was marrying his wife Penny of over 37 years, with whom he has three children, three grandchildren, and two grand-dogs.

Chaplain Ruben's philosophy of ministry is to establish a presence, develop unconditional relationships with people, and ministering to them at their point of need. He believes God opens up opportunities to share the Good News, and He is the one who draws people to salvation.   

He has been known to say, "There is no point in saying I love and believe in God, if I do not love and believe in people as well." He looks forward to expanding and networking with area pastors and community leaders to enhance the impact of the racetrack chaplaincy at Los Alamitos.”


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