LARC NEWS Posted: 2/26/2017 9:40:47 PM

     Los Alamitos Race Course enjoyed an all-time record pool in its early Pick Four after $197,178 was wagered on Sunday into the track's most popular bet. This is the second week in a row in which an all-time record has been set in one of the Los Alamitos Pick Fours. The Orange County oval also enjoyed a record pool of $145,487 in the late Pick Four on Sunday, February 19. 


The early Pick Four pool bettered the previous mark of $192, 292 set on Sunday, April 10, 2016. The early Pick Four pool has now gone over the $190,000 mark a total of three different times including twice in 2017. The early Pick Four pool reached $190,650 on the night of the Grade 1 Charger Bar Handicap on Sunday, January 8.  The five highest early Pick Four pools at Los Alamitos have also been posted on Sunday nights.   


The late Pick Four also enjoyed a nice pool of $102,348 on Sunday. The combined handled for the two Pick Four pools of $299,526 was the fifth highest total for a single night at Los Alamitos. The combined record total for the two Pick Fours on a single night was set earlier this year when $329,787 was bet on January 8.


Los Alamitos offers two Pick Fours each racing night. The early Pick Fours consist of races one through four. The late Pick Fours consist of the final four races on the card. To view Free Handicapping Tips and Pick Four selections, just visit and click on the handicapping link.


Los Alamitos Highest All-Time Pools in the early Pick Four


1. Sunday, February 26, 2017             $197,178

2. Sunday, April 10, 2016                   $192,292

3. Sunday, January 8, 2017                 $190,650

4. Sunday, August 14, 2016                $188,569

5. Sunday, April 3, 2016                     $181,059


Los Alamitos Highest All-Time Pools In the late Pick Four


1. Sunday, February 19, 2017              $145,487

2. Sunday, May 3, 2015                       $141,711

3. Sunday, January 8, 2017                  $139,137

4. Sunday, April 3, 2016                      $138,670

5. Sunday, May 17, 2015                     $134,569



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