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       For Tanya Schvaneveldt horse training has always run thick through her blood. Her second uncle, the late Blane Schvaneveldt, is a quarter horse legend and is the all-time winningest trainer in Los Alamitos Race Course history, while Schvaneveldt name is one of the most respected in Quarter Horse racing. Schvaneveldt will look for her big money win at the Orange County track when she saddled My Capullo in Sunday’s $111,000 Los Alamitos Maiden Stakes at 350 yards.  

Tanya grew up on her uncle’s ranch, Blane Schvaneveldt Quarter Horse Ranch, in Romoland, CA where she began training horses at the young age of 15. While working with the yearlings on the ranch, Schvaneveldt always envisioned herself stepping into the world of quarter horse racing. Despite her passion for horses, Tanya was apprehensive that her dream of a career as a trainer would be difficult to maintain due to motherhood. However, she has confidently established herself as a trainer, a loving mother, and role model to her two daughters (11 and 2 years old).

Tanya, 33 years old, currently trains ten horses at Los Alamitos, but few mean more to her than My Capullo. A gelding by Royaltys Choice, My Capullo holds a sentimental place in her heart as the first horse that she began training after acquiring her license. Furthermore, Schvaneveldt spent countless hours on the road, driving from her home near the ranch in Romoland to work with him at Los Alamitos.

 “It’s gratifying,” explained Tanya. “It’s hard to get a first chance [as a trainer]. I am happy for [My Capullo] and very grateful to his owners (Nazario Hernandez) for the opportunity.”

Monte Schvaneveldt, Tanya’s father, has also been a part of the business and a great source of knowledge for Tanya. The most impactful advice that she received from her father is to always be mindful of the horses’ health and to do all that is possible to keep them 100% healthy. Undoubtedly, Tanya also received well issued guidance from the legendary Schvaneveldt, and she expressed that the lasting piece of wisdom from him that has stuck with her is to put them in the best position to succeed.

“Run your horses where they belong,” Schvaneveldt would say.

With the great Schvaneveldt owning every major training record at Los Alamitos, including a record nine Champion of Champions, it would be extremely meaningful to Tanya to someday follow suit and take part in the nation’s most prestigious race for older horses. It’s been less than a year since Schvaneveldt obtained her trainer license and venture out on her own, but through a lifetime of dedication and a great line of familial tutelage, anything can be possible for this up and coming trainer.    


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