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By Sarah Secrist, Los Alamitos Marketing & Publicity Intern

Lisa Anderson knew early on that horses would always be an important part of her life.

“My passion for horses started right out of the womb. As soon as I discovered them, I was in love,” Lisa said.

For the owner, her passion and love for horses all started at a very young age in Walla Walla, Washington. Growing up as a kid, her father always had pleasure horses and Lisa’s love and appreciation for their beauty and grace grew to the point that at the age of 12 she signed herself up for riding school. At age 17, Lisa obtained her jockey license and continued that as a career until she put herself through college. Years later, Lisa returned to her great love of horses, which has included her campaigning many standouts at Los Alamitos. Her homebred, Go Black Benny, is one of them, as the Inseperable gelding will be one of 10 sophomore standouts participating in the Grade 2 $203,200 Golden State Derby to be held at the Cypress oval on Sunday evening.

With his third place finish in the Golden State Derby trials on August 7 representing Go Black Benny’s only outing at Los Alamitos, Lisa is hoping for a good return appearance for her young horse at Los Alamitos.  

“He’s not a very good breaker, but I think he will do a lot better than the last time he was here at Los Alamitos, since he has never ran more than 400 yards and he is just in better shape than last time,” she added.  

Lisa has won many races here at Los Alamitos – a total of 17 from 107 starts to be exact. The majority of her horses have raced in the Intermountain racing circuit in past years, but her list of runners at the Orange County oval has included Severe Clear, who qualified to this year’s John Deere California Juvenile, and the likes of winners LA Lite My Fire, Chicks On Wings, Jumpn Jehoshaphat, More Reflections, Regal Transformation, Outtodustyou, Im Just An Illusion and Jumpn On Go. Among the most memorable moments she’s enjoyed in racing, the 2012 Bitterroot Derby ranks highly on the list. After all, that’s the race that Jumpn Black Flash – which happens to be Go Black Benny’s half-brother – won the famous Idaho stakes race.   

“I raised Jumpn Black Flash ever since he was a baby and he has such a great personality,” Lisa noted. “He acts like he is two since he’s always getting himself into trouble; while Go Black Benny on the other hand is the sweetest horse you will ever meet.”

The owner now believes Go Black Benny has a good chance in the Golden State Derby.  Although Lisa will not be able to make it to Los Alamitos this weekend, we know she will be watching to see how one of her favorite babies will be doing on Sunday night.


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