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By Sonja Eschenburg - Los Alamitos Publicity

Father and son duo Bob and Scott Giltner, owners of 2-year-old Quarter Horse Doctor Fantastic, have years of horse experience under their belts.  Originally from Jerome, Idaho, the pair first became involved in the equine industry through chariot racing. 

As it seems most things in the horse world go, one thing eventually led to another.  Today the Giltners breed their own horses and in fact, generally produce anywhere from about eight to ten colts per year.  After their local hometown track, Les Boise Park, closed they decided to relocate a majority of their race horses from South Central Idaho to sunny Southern California.  Scott said, "We had been running horses (there) off and on for a while now and felt the track was a good fit for (Doctor Fantastic)."

Doctor Fantastic, one of the top qualifiers to next Saturday’s PCQHRA Breeders Futurity, is out of sire Fantastic Corona, Jr. and dam Doc's Check.  Scott said,

"We had already used that same stud three or four times before.  Simply put, he is just young and good looking.  All of his other prodigy have always performed really well."  The dam on the other hand, also has a nice pedigree.  "Although (Doc's Check) herself never personally raced, she is out of a top mare," said Scott, "one whose prodigy have successfully made it to and competed in the All American Finals as well as the Pacific Coast."

As a young, green horse Doctor Fantastic has already far exceeded expectations.  With the second fastest qualifying time for the Pacific Quarter Horse Race, Bob said, "We would have been tickled to death if he had gotten the tenth fastest time let alone the second."  That being said, Doctor Fantastic has never been hurried much yet, either.  In fact, Scott said, "He started in a maiden race and only ran second there, so this time was a lot better."

A very humble Bob said, "I would like to think Doctor Fantastic has potential, but then again, everyone likes to think that about their horses.  All we know for sure right now is that he hasn't given us any trouble just yet and so far, has been getting better and better every time we run him." 


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