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By Sonja Eschenburg - Los Alamitos Publicity

     The goal of any product is to produce the most quality service possible.  That being said, the goal of a race horse breeding program is to produce horses that will consistently progress with better and better results until they are essentially the best in their league.  Horse breeding programs require investing both time and money, and for all intents and purposes, honestly leave little room for error.


With over 30 years of horse breeding experience beneath his belt, Jeff Pitcher has fortunately managed to navigate a few ways around some of these potential errors.  One way he aims to minimize costs and maximize profits is by paying special attention to the stud he inseminates his mares with.  When searching for a potential quality stud, Pitcher said, "It is a lot of extra work, but I just do everything the old fashioned way.  I honestly just look at how the sire is built and compare his structure to that of the mare.  My decision to use or not use him ultimately depends on whether or not I think the two will be compatible and make a good pair.  It is a pretty simple concept, really."


Pitcher's love for Quarter Horses has taken him many countless miles over the years, often traveling with his horses from Utah to California. Jeff and his wife, Kim, have made a career out of working with horses - both in and out of the track. Although they still make the occasional trek between the two states, the Pitchers reside mainly in Southern California where Jeff works as an assistant to Paul Jones at the champion trainer's ranch.  Pitcher said, "I originally started out only training horses, but at this point I've also been breeding them for as long as I can remember."


Besides breeding horses, Pitcher has found several other ways to spend his time, too.  In fact, the Pitchers and Jeff Alstadt are co-owners of 2 year old filly Start Somethin Bad, which on September 11 posted the fastest qualifying time to this Saturday's PCQHRA Breeders Futurity. Start Somethin Bad is out of sire Pappasito and dam Lets Get It Started and is a full sister to Tiene Mucho Blanco, another quarter horse trained by Paul Jones that Pitcher used to run here at Los Alamitos Race Course.  With bloodlines like that it comes as no surprise that Start Somethin Bad's bloodlines came through in the trials. With a time of 17.69 seconds she surpassed the time of the second fastest qualifier, Doctor Fantastic, by an entire length and a half.


Pitcher enjoys the energy that Alstadt brings to their partnership. "Working with Jeff keeps things interesting; there is never a dull moment when he is around," he said.


Having someone else's input to fall back on is also never a bad idea, especially when they are just as excited about things as you are.  He said, "(Jeff) and I are both really proud of (Start Somethin Bad).  Besides a few issues leaving the gate, she has a lot of potential.  Plus, the more she runs through them the better she will be.  It all just takes patience.  I am confident she will get there soon enough."





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