LARC NEWS Posted: 5/1/2018 6:51:11 PM


Vinnie Bednar, who broke his neck and back after being unseated in pre-race warmups for the first race on Saturday, March 3, paid a visit to Los Alamitos last Friday night as he continues his recovery. Bednar was the co-leading Thoroughbred rider at Los Alamitos in 2017 and was once again among the leading pilots around the turn here at the time of his injury.  


Bednar had to wear a special back brace during the early part of his recovery, but looked in great spirits during his visit to Los Alamitos.


“It’s been a slow recovery,” Bednar said. “I’ve been out for about two months now. I have about another month left in the recovery process. My doctor just cleared me to get back into the gym (on April 26) so I’m slowly working towards getting stronger and getting my weight right while getting healthy to get back to it.”


Bednar also wanted to thank all the racing fans that reached out to give him best wishes during his time off.


“The racing fans have been great in their support towards me. It’s really meant a lot. I’ve had so many people reach out with their best wishes. I can’t thank them enough. My family and girlfriend have been great as well. I’m fortunate to have so many wonderful people there for me.”


Even though Bednar has been out of action for over two months, he remains the fourth leading Thoroughbred jockey here with 12 wins. He’s won with 21% of his mounts in 2018 and has also picked up a total of nine victories in straight away Quarter Horse races and 870-yard events here. It won’t be long before the popular Vinnie Bednar is back again winning races at Los Alamitos.


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