LARC NEWS Posted: 5/7/2018 3:12:38 AM


            The combined pools in the popular nighttime Pick Fours at Los Alamitos Race Course went over the $1 million mark for the first time ever during the weekend of May 4-6.


A total of $580,575 was bet in the three Early Pick Fours offered this past weekend for a record average for the week of $193,525, bettering the previous total of $548,940 set just a week ago on April 27-29 ($182,980 average).


In addition, the three Late Pick Fours handled a total of $456,697 on May 4-6 for a record average for the week of $152,232. That figure surpassed the $435,705 handled in the late Pick Fours last weekend ($145,235 average).


The combined total between the Early and Late Pick Fours of $1,037,272 also eclipsed the previous combined track record total for a single week of  $984,645, which was also set during the weekend of April 27-29. 


          In other highlights, the Early Pick Four pool of $203,915 on Sunday, May 6 ranked as the fifth highest night figure ever in the popular wager. Meanwhile, the Late Pick Four $161,002 on Saturday, May 5 ranked as the fourth highest ever in the Late Pick Four.  One final business note, the all-sources handle for Sunday, May 6, which included a 10-race live program headed by eight trials to the Robert Adair Kindergarten Futurity, was a season-high $1,881,473.  For more info call 714-820-2690.


Los Alamitos Highest All-Time Pools

In the early Pick Four


1. Sunday, May 7, 2017                   $239,868

2. Saturday, January 13, 2018                  $208,811

3. Sunday, April 15, 2018                         $207,229

4. Sunday, April 29, 2018                         $206,579

5. Sunday, May 6, 2018                            $203,915


Los Alamitos Highest All-Time Pools

In the late Pick Four


1. Sunday, February 11, 2018                    $166,847

2. Sunday, May 14, 2017                           $164,219

3. Sunday, March 11, 2018                       $163,913

4. Saturday, May 5, 2018                          $161,002

5. Sunday, March 12, 2017                       $160,312




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