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Here are Professor G’s workouts reviews forraces 7 and 8 on Saturday at Los Alamitos. All 2-year-olds gate drills areavailable for free at


#1 My Special Card:FacedRoyal Callan Rocks when posting the 14th fastest of 18 drills on March 19. Thefilly by Docs Best Card veered in sharply right out of the gate and wanted tomove back to the outside. Jockey corrected her with two light taps and thenurged her twice more left-handed. She finished evenly with rival before runningsixth to Unstoppable One in her debut on April 11.

#2 Jess Lyndes Reason – March 21 :12.10 at 220 yards - Outside horse in workout

Tookon Still Hateful when posting the fastest time by a 2-year-old during a busymorning of works on March 21. She broke in but still flew out of the gate totake a slight advantage over her workmate. Exercise rider encouraged herlightly and she responded with huge strides while accelerating powerfully towin by the drill by over two lengths. Strong looking work. 

#3 Royal Flash Favorite:Purchasedfor $11,500 at Heritage Place Sale, this Louisiana-bred filly made her racingdebut when running a troubled sixth to FG Jess Painting Thru on April 11. Sheworked in :12.70 on March 21.

#4 Cosmopolitanne – March 31 :12.40 - Inside horse

CoronaCartel filly worked alongside Jeanetics on March 31. Jeanetics is the morningline favorite in the 8th race tonight. Cosmopolitanne’s clocking was the 5thfastest of 36 drills on March 31. The Texas bred will break in but level outquickly. She’s hand ridden during the first half of the work and will continueto work evenly with Jeanetics throughout. She has an easy gallop out after thewire.

#5 Favorite Role – March 31 :12.30 - Outside horse

Equaledthe fastest of 36 drills on March 31. He was fast out of the gate and had smallearly lead in this work. Floated to the inside but maintained a strong strideand continued solidly to the wire while increasing his advantage. Solid gallopout from there. 

#6 College Scandal – April 2 :12.60 at 220 yards – Inside horse

CollegeScandal will post the 4th fastest of 19 works when facing Apollitical J Kite inthis drill. Apollitical J Kite will cover the distance in :12.2 to post thebullet work of the morning. The Kentucky-bred filly will break slow and willthen get pushed to the inside by her rival. She’ll be urged a few times at themidway point and will respond with a nice burst while trying to keep up withher sharp looking workmate, who wins drill by 1 ½ lengths. Note the excellentgallop out from College Scandal in this drill.

#7 La Zacatecana Eagle – March 26 :12.30 - Outside of 3-horse drill

Was part of a three-horse set that worked on March 26 whenposting the fastest of 24 drills. This trio also included Fabulous And Rare,who is set to debut on Friday night, and is working from the inside post. LaZacatecana Eagle will leave the gate from starting post number 6 here and willbreak inside but will find herself with lots of room to operate. She’ll shownice acceleration before shifting inside to the next lane. She holds on to heradvantage and is never asked while outdueling Fabulous And Rare. Filly is thefirst sired by Hunting Eagle to race at LosAlamitos.     



#1 WB Tiny Star – March 31 :12.70 at 220 yards - Outside horse in workout

Hadthe 16th fastest of 36 works when with the Royal Quick Dash colt Oreeo. WB TinyStar will hop out of the gate and break to the inside but will level out at thegate. He’ll go nose to nose with Oreeo while being tapped left-handed byexercise rider. His rival will move ahead of him in the final 50 yards whenoutworked by approximately a half-length.

#2 Apollitical Reason – April 4 :12.60 – Outside horse

Coltby Apollitical Blood will be much the best versus filly named Monarch Dynastywhen posting 23rd fastest of 48 drills on April 4. Will break clean andstraight and open up a lead shortly after the start. Rider will ask a coupletimes in the middle of the work and runner will continue to open while driftingin a tad close to the wire. He’ll continue with a big gallop out from there.Should like longer distance as the meet goes on.

#3 Echoes Of Thunder – April 4 :12.40 – Outside horse

Volcomgelding worked evenly with the Hes Relentless filly Valantini when they equaledthe 7th fastest of 48 drills on April 4. Broke cleanly from the outside and wasa stride behind Valantini. He’s never asked and the rider just allows his longstrides to pick up some ground late to finish about a head behind workmate in avery solid drill from both.

#4 Coopers Best Card – March 31 :12.60 – Inside horse

Geldingposted the 9th fastest of 36 drills when outworked by the Walk Thru Fire fillyChika Blazin. He’ll hesitate out of the gate and will float to the inside butdoes show a nice burst of speed. Will be encouraged right-handed after the gapand will finish about a length behind Chika Blazin in this work.

#5 Turbulent Kisses – April 4 :12.80 – Outside horse

Siredby Grade 1 winner Turbulent Times, colt outworked a horse named Rice Road whenposting the 30th fastest of 48 drills on April 4. Turbulent Kisses stoodperfectly in the gate but veered in sharply to bump Rice Road. Turbulent Kissescame away from the early trouble in good form and continued easily for the restof this drill.

#6 Hez Fired Up – March 31 :12.60 – Inside horse

Workedalongside Jet Wings One, who is to debut here on Friday night. Hez Fired Upstood nicely in the gate and will break to the inside while racing evenly withJet Wings One early on. Jockey will encourage Hez Fired Up at the halfway pointas Jet Wings One begins to pull away to a length win in this drill. Jet WingsOne’s finished with a :12.30 clocking which was the fastest from 36 works thismorning.  

#7 Jeanetics – March 31 :12.30 – Outside horse

MrJess Perry filly had the fastest of 36 drills on March 31 when outworkingCosmopolitanne, who is debuting in Saturday’s 7th race. Jeanetics will break infor just a step and is quick into her stride. She’ll run with her turn to theright side past the gap but she eventually straightens it out and really startsto pick up speed while posting a solid gallop out. Solid work and she figuresto improve off of it.

#8 Hi High Hopes – April 4 :12.40 – Outside horse

Workedto the outside of Bob E McGee, who equaled the fastest of 48 drills on April 4.Hi High Hopes posted a good time as well, as the colt by Favorite Cartelfinished with the morning’s 7th fastest time. He came out the gate nicely andfairly straight while asked right-handed throughout. Finished about a lengthbehind the sharp Bob E McGee but you have to love the way Hi High Hopes is justbegging for more distance during his gallop out.



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