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       Here are Professor G’s workout reviews for the 7th and 9th race on Sunday night – both events at 300 yards featuring 2-year-olds. All gate works can be viewed here:

RACE 7 - 300 YARDS

#1 DF Favorite Honor - March 31 :12.80 at 220 yards – Outside horse

The son of Favorite Cartel will post the 22nd fastest of 36 works on March 31 when working with PYC Powerglide, who was scheduled to debut on Friday. DF Favorite Honor hops a tad out of the gate and will trail early on. Will be asked left-handed and continued to be encouraged throughout and will finish strongly. Nice acceleration in 2nd half of the work. Lost work by ¾ lengths but made up ground late.


#2 Anyways Cartel – April 4  :12.90 - Inside

This colt by Fast Prize Cartel was purchased for $10,000 at the Los Alamitos Equine Sale. He faces the Kiss My Hocks filly All Thats Considered. Anyways Cartel veered in hard out of the gate and nearly hit the rail. Will level out and is not asked from there but does look a little green past the wire. He posted the 38th fastest of 48 drills while workmate All Thats Considered worked in :12.3 and will race in Sunday’s 9th race.


#3 Better Version – April 4  :12.60 - Outside

This Favorite Cartel colt was the $247,000 sale topper at the Los Alamitos Equine Sale. Here he faces the gelding Untuckit, who was entered to debut on Friday. Better Version will take a step inside out of the gate but will straighten out quickly. Nice smooth stride throughout. Will gate bump by rival after the wire entering the clubhouse turn. Better Version posted the 23rd fastest of 48 drills on April 4. Solid work. 


#4 Hez Our Money Secret – April 4  :12.20 - Outside

Gray colt by Hez Our Secret was purchased for $11,000 at the Heritage Place Sale. Here he works vs. the filly Jess A Little Riddle out of Jess Being Valiant. Hez Our Money Secret broke nice and straight and by his ear movements you can see that he’s listening and paying attention to his surroundings. The rider is flagging him throughout the drill. He got brushed by rival during gallop out. His time was the 3rd fastest of 48 this morning.


#5 Apollitical Effort – March 21  :12.50 - Inside

This colt by Apollitical Jess was purchased for $88,000 at the Heritage Place Sale. Apollitical Jess will break sharply while facing the Favorite Cartel colt Carefree Highway. Apollitical Jess is very quick into stride, runs straight and has a slight lead over rival. Carefree Highway will make things closer at the end, but Apollitical Effort wins the drill by about a head. His time was the 17th fastest of 67 drills.


#6 Oreeo – March 31  :12.60 - Inside

Son of Royal Quick Dash posted the 9th fastest of 36 drills on March 31 vs. WB Tiny Star, who debuted on Saturday. Oreeo stood perfectly in the gate and leaves nicely. Will drift inside and goes head to head vs. WB Tiny Star before pulling away in last 50 yards in very competitive work.


#7 Lethal Assault – March 21  :12.50 - Outside

Volcom colt was purchased for $17,000 at the Ruidoso Sale. He faces the well-bred Too Too Good in this event.  Lethal Assault will take a small hop out of the gate and runs with his head high for the first few strides. Will do the work on his own and will pull away to win the drill by a length. Solid work with the 17th fastest of 67 works on March 31.


RACE 9  - 300 Yards for Fillies

#1 All Thats Considered – April 4 :12.30 at 220 yards - Outside

Kiss My Hocks filly was purchased for $11,500 at the Heritage Place Sale. She posted the 3rd fastest of 48 drills when facing Always Cartel, who debuts in Sunday’s 7th. Will break in but quickly settles into her stride. She’s doing the work all on her own while showing excellent acceleration.


#2 Criminality – March 31 :12.70 - Inside

Favorite Cartel filly worked against a colt named Sin Tachas Nachos on March 31 when posting the 16th fastest of 36 works. Criminality hopped a little bit out of the gate and was asked early on. She hooks up with rival and the two will continue solidly from there in a very even work. Criminality had a nice gallop out as well. Sin Tachas Nachos was entered to run on Friday.


#3 Danjerous – March 21 :12.30 - Inside

5/67 A $340,000 purchase at the Ruidoso Sale, Danjerous will work from the inside post vs. Top Model, who ran 6th in her debut last week. Danjerous will break in but quickly levels out. She’s never asked and does the work all on her own while posting the 5th fastest of 67 drills. A good-looking work from a very good looking filly.


#4 Da Blue Diablita – April 11 :12.70 - Inside

Boss Man Blue filly had the 4th fastest of 8 drills when outworking Unusual Sweetness. Broke slow and gets bumped a couple of times during the drill. They eventually separate and Da Blue Diablita will finish nicely while doing the work on her own. 


#5 BF Emily B Foosen – March 21 :12.50  - Outside

BF Emily B Foosen will take on Morning Misty Marie when posting the 17th fastest of 67 drills. BF Emily B Foosen looked to be leaning to her right before the start of the work before breaking in a bit. Jockey will straighten her out and will then ask her twice. She raced nicely from there before pulling away to win drill by a length 12:50 vs. 12:70.


#6 Secretly Love – March 21   :12.70 - Outside

Filly posted the 35th fastest of 67 drills when facing the Corona Cartel filly Corona Gypsy on March 21. Secretly Love will break in and brush rival. She’ll then shift outside. Jockey will guide her to stop her from continuing to drift out. She’ll show good late run while outworked by about a length by Corona Gypsy.


#7 Jess Tools – March 21  :12.90 - Inside

Jess Tool will face the Favorite Cartel filly Royal Flash Favorite. Jess Tools stands nicely and will break straight. Nice and easy work. Never asked while getting outworked by 1 ¼ lengths. Her time was the 52nd fastest of 67 drills. 


#8 My Favorite Ocean - March 31  :13.10 - Inside

Filly will work against My Special Kiss, who debuted on Saturday night. My Favorite stood perfectly in the gate. She’ll break slow and then drift inside. She’s asked throughout the drill when posting the 32nd fastest of 36 drills. My Favorite Ocean went in :13.1 while rival My Special Kiss worked in :12.8 here.

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