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        Professor G at Los Alamitos takes a look at the most recent workouts posted by the 23 first time starters in Friday’s juvenile events taking place in races 4,5 and 7.  Videos of gate works are available here:



#2 J Boogies Card – April 16 :12.40 at 220 yards – Outside horse

Filly by Docs Best Card worked evenly with KR Frosty, who ran third in a trial to the Robert Adair Kindergarten Futurity on Sunday. J Boogies Card left the gate nicely, floated to the inside was tapped once and will outfinish KR Frosty in this drill before getting crowded by her rival around the clubhouse turn. Her time of :12.40 equaled the 5th fastest of 40 drills on April 16.

#4 Sheza Famous Royal – April 18 :12.50 – Middle horse

Will work in between horses in a three-team set. To her inside is Lethal Dream, a Volcom filly who will work in :12.6, and to her outside is CC Carolina, a Coronado Cartel filly who will record a time of :12.5. Sheza Famous Royal will break in and bumps with Lethal Dream. She finds her stride and lots of room to maneuver. The rider will hustle her and she’ll finish evenly with CC Carolina. Her time of :12.50 was the 9th fastest of 38 drills.

#5 One Famous Miss – April 21   :12.5 – Outside horse

She will start from the outside post in a three-horse set for trainer Mike Robbins. The inside horse is the Mr Jess Perry filly Blest Aussurance, who’ll work in :12.9, while the middle horse is the One Famous Eagle filly Ms Racy Eagle. One Famous Miss will hop out of the gate and move slightly to the outside. The rider will tap the Corona Cartel filly once and she responds with a nice burst at the halfway mark of the drill. She also makes up ground nearing the wire while finishing with a big late rush. Ms Racy Eagle won the drill in :12.4 while One Famous Miss worked in :12.5.

#8 Up For You – April 14   :12.3 – Inside horse

Filly by Favorite Cartel and out of Governor’s Cup Futurity winner Up For It, Up For You faces Chatter Box in this workout. Chatter Box lost her racing path when 8th when debuting in last Sunday’s Kindergarten trial. Up For It was ready to fire when leaving from the inside stall here, she will break to the inside and the rider will use his hands to nicely straighten her out. He will ask her twice left-handed and Up For You shows nice acceleration and good energy to the wire. She will win the drill by three lengths while continuing to show a smooth stride in her gallop out. Her time of :12.3 is the 4th fastest of 47 drills.

#9 Cartels Legacy – April 21 :12.3 – Outside

Leaving the gate from the outside post, Favorite Cartel filly Cartels Legacy will outwork FDD Dynasty gelding Dynastik 12.3 to 12.6. Cartels Legacy will break beautifully and will be asked right-handed. She will drift inside but finishes nicely to win by a 1 ¼ lengths before displaying a solid gallop out in this drill. Her time was the 2nd fastest of 16 drills.   




#1 EG Domingo – April 14 :12.50  - Inside

Hawkinson gelding will outwork Bradlyn 12.5 to 12.9. EG Domingo breaks a bit slow but will take the lead shortly after the start. He runs in a nice straight path and will pull away while being asked once right-handed. EG Domingo wins the drill by 2 lengths in the 22nd fastest of 47 drills.

#2 AJS On Time – April 16 :12.50 – Inside

Will outwork Sawmiss Favorite 12.5 to 12.8 in this drill. A gelding by Apollitical Jess, AJS On Time will break sharply and take the lead at the gap. Will be asked once and continue powerfully on the way to winning the work by 1 ½ lengths. He also continues nicely past the wire  while recording the 8th fastest of 40 drills. He was purchased for $100,000 at the Los Alamitos Equine Sale.

#3 Fool This Kid – April 18 :12.50 – Outside – 3-horse set

A Kiddy Up colt, Fool This Kid will start from the outside post in a three-team set on April 18. He’ll work with the Walk Thru Fire colt Bac To Life, who starts from the inside post, and the Favorite Cartel filly Set Forth, who will leave in between horses. All three runners will cover the distance in :12.50. Racing without blinkers, Fool This Kid breaks nice and straight and is asked several times right-handed and will be hand-ridden in final 50 yards of this work. He’ll finish just ahead of the filly Set Forth when hitting the wire as one with Bac To Life.

#4 Trouble Lurking – April18 :12.50 – Inside

A graduate of the Los Alamitos Equine Sale, Trouble Lurking will be outworked by Kindly Deed 12.4 to 12.5. The gelding by Stel Corona will start from the inside post here where he hops out of the gate while veering to the inside. Trouble Lurking is corrected twice left-handed and will move out in the process. He will be asked a couple of more times before finishing a half-length behind Kindly Deed. Trouble Lurking finished with the 9th fastest 38 drills.

#5 Kindly Cartel – April 14 :12.30 – Outside

Favorite Cartel gelding outworked Five Bar Royal 12.3 to 12.6 this morning when the dynamic Kindly Cartel leaves the gate sharply and like an arrow while never asked. He is hand-ridden the entire time while continuing beautifully and with a nice smooth stride throughout his gallop out. Kindly Cartel wins this drill by two lengths in the 4th fastest of 47 drills on April 14.

#6 Special Royal Eagle – April 14 :12.80 – Outside – VIDEO NOT AVAILABLE

Was outworked by High Rock Teller on April 14 when posting the 30th fastest of 48 drills.

#7 Outta Dodge – April 18 -:12.60 – Inside

Purchased for $50,000 at the Los Alamitos Equine Sale, Outta Dodge will work evenly with Pour Corona, who ran sixth when debuting in a maiden race on May 2. Leaving from the inside post, Outta Dodge breaks okay and to the inside while being asked lefthanded at the halfway mark. He will be hand-ridden to the wire while edging out Pour Corona. Outta Dodge will continue to display a very nice gallop out after the wire. They finished with the 17th fastest of 38 works.

#8 Candys Payday – April 18  :12.70 – Inside

A colt by Jess Good Candy, Candys Payday was outworked by a length by the filly My Can Moon on April 18. Candys Payday broke awkwardly and bobbled out of the gate. He trailed early on and was encouraged once right-handed while trailing across the wire. He showed lots of energy past the finish line while lugging out at the turn. His time was the 23rd fastest of 38 drills.

#9 Thats R Best Card – April 16 :12.40 – Outside

Leaving the gate from the outside post, Thats R Best Card matches up nicely with the filly Three Times Ablaze in this work. While in the starting gate, Thats R Best Card gets a hand from the assistant starter to point his head straight forward. He will brush the side of the gate at the start and will scramble out of there before quickly finding his stride. He is doing the work on his own and runs down his rival impressively and edges her late to win the drill by a head. A very nice recovering after a troubled start. This was the 5th fastest of 40 drills.



#1 Fractional Interest – April 25  :12.50 – Outside

Seperate Interest gelding will outwork Look Thru The Fire 12.5 to 13.0 on April 25. Fractional Interest will break towards the outside before coming back to the inside. He will level out and find his stride 75 yards before the wire while pulling away by three lengths. It’s a solid work and whole lot more may be in store from Fractional Interest, who is a half-brother of Grade 1 winners Powerful Favorite and Runforyourlife. This was the 8th fastest of 23 drills.

#2 Copauinos Best – April 16 :12.60 – Outside

Gelding by Docs Best Card will work evenly with the filly DF Fabulous Feind. Copauinos Best was having a bit of a fit before the start but assistant starter does a fine job getting her to look straight ahead when the gate opens. She displays nice energy leaving there and will zigzag during the work. She will still finish just ahead of DF Fabulous Feind but continues to race greenly past the wire.

#3 Transcendeur – April 4 :12.40 – Inside

Purchased for $37,000 at the Los Alamitos Equine Sale, Transcendeur will work evenly with the gelding Alltime Favorite in matching time of 12.4. Transcendeur leaves the gate sharply and is hand-ridden early on. He does swerve to the inside before moving back out and then floating back inside and is asked several times after the midway point of the race. He will finish a head behind Alltime Favorite in this drill.

#4 Million Bound – April 14 :12.30 – Inside

Work evenly with Favorite Fire, who is a half-sister to Grade 1 winner Five Bar Cartel. They will work evenly here in 12.3 clockings. Million Bound will break just behind rival but in a nice straight fashion. He will take the lead after the gap, will be asked twice and he does get caught at the wire. Their time of :12.3 ties for the 4th fastest of 47 here.

#5 Young Dasher – April 4 :13.20 – Outside

Will be outworked by the Favorite Cartel colt Chance To Excel 12.8 to 13.2. Young Dasher is antsy in the gate and will break a tad show. He is hand-ridden throughout will cruise down the straightaway before making up some ground late. He does good movement past the wire. He also worked in :13.2 on March 21.

#6 Constituent – April 14 :12.3 – Outside

Out of the strong producer Tahma Hawk,the Seperate Interest colt Constituent will outwork One Sweet Venom 12.3 to 12.9. Constituent is a bit fidgety in the gate and breaks to the inside but take the early lead. He will show a powerful stride and will separate from his competition while doing the work on his own. It is clear sailing from there with a nice time a big gallop out. His time of 12.3 was the 4th fastest of 47 works.

#7 Take Your Choice – April 14    :12.6  Outside

Will work evenly with Bully in a time of 12.6 on April 14. Take Your Choice stands perfectly in the gate and will break okay. He leaves there nice and straight and will find his gear a few strides into the work. He is asked once right-handed and will be flagged several times by the rider. He finishes the drill solidly before lugging out late in the gallop out.

#8 Five Bar Royale – April 14  :12.6 Inside

Five Bar Royal took on Kindly Cartel in this drill on April 14. Kindly Cartel, who is entered in race five on Friday, wins the drill 12.3 to 12.6. Five Bar Royale hesitated out of the gate to trail early. He is flagged right-handed by the rider and will trail throughout versus a very impressive foe. Five Bar Royale’s time was the 36th fastest of 47 works.

#9 High Rock Teller – April 4  :12.50  Inside – VIDEO NOT AVAILABLE

Outworked Special Royal Eagle in 12.5 to 12.8 on April 4. Special Royal Eagle is in action in Friday’s fifth race. High Rock Teller finished with the 17th fastest of 48 morning spins.     


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