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Tonight's BEST BET goes in the closing leg of the Best Bet in all of night racing, the Early Pick Four here at prestigious Los Alamitos where the pools are gigantic and the return on your investment could be the same with a nice priced victor along the way. In Race 4. the # 2-ZOE DIAMOND has many a figure on her docket with everything factored (trouble and track variant) in that is steadily best in this otherwise closely matched affair and the good lookers most recent effort 35 night's ago really caught the eye. In said event, this runner got fractious in the gate as per usual prior to breaking inward and getting bumped back at the getaway to give the winner a nice head-start. After the less than stellar getaway, this filly put forth a solid run past the gap and down the lane to give the winner all she could handle nearing the wire. With my top charting and hopefully a better start this evening, we'll push this runner harshly to break on the lead and extend to the wire as the deserving favorite. The PRICE PLAYER on the Saturday evening will be in the 10th and final event this evening for top-notch connections that do well with entrants of this ilk. In Race 10, the # 3-RITE ON TIME is a big bodied strife finder who went "better than looked" for 7th in her most recent effort versus quality GR1 competition. In that event, this entrant back bobbled and  went to skiing (drifting in and out) to cost herself some ground and a straight running lane. With a tough getaway to overcome, this filly showed a nice way of going past the gap and down the lane to finish fairly well for a close up 7th and with run left to give. The number earned with all factored in is very competitive in here this evening and we expect a nice effort tonight and at a nice price when all is said and done. 


3RD 7-SPANISH STEPS has been "right there" versus much tougher rivals including stakes competition while earning this events top charting easily. The one to deny at hopefully the very generous morning line. 3-KREEDE should the only threat to our topper on the ship-in and the good looker goes for a to-notch outfit. On my paper, it's a two runner race. 2-PEVS GAMBLER will be the long-shot in the underneath exotics for a solid barn that can pop with a price. A must use in all your wagers.

4TH 9-DASHES DONT CHEAT has improved in each subsequent start and put up quality numbers for tonight's endeavor. Should be odds-on and in the winner's circle after this event as the huuuge favorite. 8-LIL FOOSE COUP has earned decent figures for this event and the speedster has a look to get within shouting distance of our top election. 3-HAPPY CAPI will be the "bombs away" play in the underneath exotics for new connections that do well with entrants of this ilk. 

5TH 10-APOLLITICAL FOLLIES has a decent effort over the racing surface and the slowly improving runner should enjoy the needed drop in class this evening at a medium mutual. 7-IM SITA is an in and outer thus far in her young career and "innie" gives her a look in here but at too short of a price (for me) on the win end. Still, should be a player in here if a decent start is in the offing. 8-OUGHT TOBE STREAKIN went way better than looked for 8th versus quality rivals in her career debut and should be much close tonight for a solid medium sized shed-row. 

6TH 1-FAST N FOXY improved immensely on my charts in her 2nd career start versus tougher and the 4 year old should be in the mix tonight from the get-go. The one to hold on the drop in class. 6-BOOMIN WITH EAGLES has been close up in both career starts versus productive rivals and should be in the vicinity at the wire at an expected (my opinion) rising price. 11-FIREJUMPER has been earning decent numbers versus solid competition and with some trouble along the way. This runner could "wake up" for a new barn at a big price. Watch the wagering on this runner as the barn can back their contenders. 

7TH 6-SIGN AND SHINE is a strife finder deluxe who could be the bay blurr y'all see nearing the wire for a solid jockey/trainer (18%) combo. Should be there at the wire with even a decent getaway this night. 3-ONE NIGHT TOO LONG went "better than looked" for 6th in a solid figure earning effort with everything factored )trouble @ track variant) in. Should be the main threat to our top selection this evening. 7-THE LOUISIANA COWBOY has been an in and outer deluxe (one good one bad) thus far and should be a contender for all the underneath exotic wagers with anything close to a "good one" tonight. A must use in all your wagers based on the weakness of the less than stellar competition in this event after y'all get past the top two. 

8TH 5-DOUBLE DUTY has moved forward in each subsequent start for top-notch connections while racing up on the mountain in New Mexico and while earning this solid affairs top charting with factored in. The one to deny as the deserving favorite on the ship-in for a shed-row that excels with mini-respite runners. 3-JUST A PERFECT GRACE just finished a solid second to a well meant winner while putting up a solid charting that compares favorably in his event tonight. Should be close up from the gate opening to the wire. 4-MO DELIRIO earned a career topping figure in the grey's first effort over the local racing surface and should be a player tonight with another step forward this evening for a good small barn. 

9TH 3-BLACK CAZADOR is as consistent as they come and he hard knocking 5 year old always gives his all and he should be close up early and in the photo late as the probable favorite for a solid "brother" combo. 6-JESS A DASHIN ANGELA went well for the trifecta placing in her last effort after a tough getaway while earning a quality charting for this event with all factored in. 2-MIDDAY NEWS went well off the layoff to win well as the deserving favorite while earning a quality figure that gives the gelding a look in all the underneath exotics at an expected (my opinion) rising price. 

10TH 5-GREAT HOCKS earned a figure versus much better while running up on the mountain despite breaking through the gate in her most recent. The one to hold in the finale if she minds her gate manners. 4-JESS HER DREAM went well for a "better than looked" 6th place finish versus "open company" in her most recent over the oval and did it despite getting rather rambunctious in the gate prior and while breaking over a step slow at the getaway. If she behaves and breaks bettur, lol, a player she shall be. 3-KJ DAISY DUKE has been a close up 3rd in each of her last two efforts in New Mexico and if she carries her form to Texas tonight, a contender she could and should be. 


5TH 9-JRS COS I RUNAWAY has moved forward on my charts since entering this shed-row and if another baby step of improvement is in the offing tonight, a BIG threat for the top spot this runner could and should be. The slight edge in the Louisiana simulcast lid-lifter. 8-ATOM EVE B finished fight behind our topper in their like event and this entrant had a slightly tougher trip from the barrier that night. Should be running as a tandem down the lane with a repeat this evening. Can y'all say? exacta box? 1-HQH RUNAWAY PLATINUM is a strife finder deluxe who has earned competitive figures for this affair with factored in and could be the main threat in the trifecta lottery at a medium mutual. 


6TH 2-EMORYLEE is another talented troubled at the gate runner who has many a figure with all factored in that is best in this kinda mish-mashed event. The one to hold with an elusive clean getaway and ensuing run down the lane. 6-I KNOW CORONA has been close up in both career efforts versus quality winners that have returned to run well and with an expected step forward this evening, a contender this entrant could and should be at a medium mutual. 9-AS THE OTHER GUY has been 3rd in both career starts for a solid shed-row that's going great guns as we speak and who are we to pick against this entrants third straight trifecta placing. 


7TH 4-SIR STREAKIN RUNAWAY has moved forward in each subsequent start and the maiden win number compares favorably in here right back again these winners tonight. The slight edge as the one to hold nearing the wire. 5-HOLDMYBEER HERO has moved forward in each subsequent start and now goes to a new shed-row that moves em' up. Should be in the mix from the get-go. 1-JRS CARTERS QUEEN is an in and outer deluxe who should be a player in the trifecta lottery with a "good one" tonight. A must use in the underneath exotic agers. 


8TH 8-LRH DUAL MCCALL has shown ability despite encountering trouble and goes to a move em'up barn that excels with respite runners (29%) of this length. The slight edge in the Louisiana finale. 10-ANGEL OF DA CARTEL has shown some talent despite finsing trouble at the start of her last two efforts after showing the way early in her career debut. if she can put it all together this evening, a player for all the board placings she should be. 3-IMA STREAKING OKEY went well for the runner-up placing in her last and she'll need a repeat start tonight to be a trifecta lottery player at an expected rising mutual. Still, a must use in the exotic wagers.


Tonight's PRICE PLAYER goes in the opening leg of the "Best Bet" in all of night racing, the Early Pick Four here at Prestigious Los Alamitos where the pools are gigantic and the return on your investment could be the same with a double digit winner along the way. In Race 1, the # 3-HOSS CARTRIGHT is a speedy 6 year old who exits a "much better then looked" 3rd place finish from a speed sharpening effort at 2 1/2 (550 yards) furlongs 29 night's ago when breaking a step slow and while running kinda head cocked sideways early. After the less than stellar start, the gelding showed a nice turn of foot to get close to the perfect tripped top two finishers past the gap and then finishing steadily for the trifecta placing at the wire. The good looker has two wins this season for owner/trainer Angela Aquino and both were at nice prices on the stretch-out from a straight-away race and this runner is looking to make it to the winner's circle tonight off the same pattern. Will be on the lead again at a nice mutual and we'll be calling for the wire all the way down the lane versus a solid cast for the level. The BEST BET on the Sunday evening race-card will be the opening leg of Tonight's Pick Six for quality ship-in to win connections. In Race 5, the # 2-NAMGIS KISSINMISCHKA is a big bodied filly who has been facing solid opposition in New Mexico while earning figures on my speed comparison charts that are steadily Best in this mish-mashed event. In the long striders most recent 64 night's ago, this runner got fractious in the gate prior to breaking almost a length slow to put herself behind the 8-ball right from the get-go. After the tough start, this entrant showed a decent amount of speed to get close halfway down the lane and then did finish fairly well to light the board as the second choice on the board while putting up a number that is easily best in this event. Will be tough tonight as the deserving public choice with a repeat of any of her last 3 efforts in her debut start under the light's tonight. 

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