Dominic Fama began training Thoroughbreds in 1989 at Bay Meadows race track in San Mateo, California.  From the very beginning, Fama exhibited a talent for preparing young horses for a career in racing as well as rejuvenating older horses that were at the end of their careers. In the mid 1990's Dominic gave up training racehorses to resume a career in finance working for Smith Barney Securities and Citygroup. But horse racing and his love for horses beckoned him back in 2005 as he began training Thoroughbreds again at Los Alamitos Racetrack for his close friend David Cook, a real estate developer. Since then Dominic Fama has been a prominent thoroughbred trainer at Los Alamitos, maintaining a high win percentage and a high in-the- money percentage. As evidence of his solid training program, his friend David Cook became the top thoroughbred owner (number of wins) in 2007 with 23.2% winners from 82 starts.


Here are Dominic Fama's statistics for training thoroughbreds at Los Alamitos Racetrack:

2005: 38 starts -         25% wins,     55% in-the-money

2006: 115 starts -        22.6% wins,   54% in-the-money

2007: 89 starts -         19.1% wins,   46% in-the-money

June 2008 71 starts -     21.1% wins,   54.9% in-the-money


In February of 2008, Dominic Fama leased an Arabian race mare named Double Four. "I wanted to see if my training program would benefit Arabian racehorses, since they are related to thoroughbreds" Fama said. Since being leased by Dominic Fama, Double Four has won 2 out of 4 races while running one of the fastest 4 1/2 furlong times for an Arabian at the current meet.