Age: 12-26-72, Fallbrook, California
Family: Wife, Lorena. Son, Ceasar, daughter Natalia.
Residence:Victorville, California                                                                                                                                                            
Top Career Moments:
- Won the Stanton and Laguna Hills handicaps in 2003 and the Paul Ford Memorial Handicap in 2002 with Ryland.

Career Profile: Twenty after 100. Jesus Enriquez has been shooting for that statistic since he started training horses in 1996. Enriquez reached that goal for the first time in 2002 and he did it with plenty of room to spare. The young trainer won his 20th race after saddling his 87th horse in mid-June. "Ever since I started training, I've been trying to do that," Enriquez said. "I felt that stat was a good barometer of success." Jesus  fell a little short of that mark in 2004, however, he is still a highly regarded and respected horseman among his peers. Donald Ryan gave the trainer his first big chance seven years ago, handing the up-and-comer the keys to his operation. Enriquez did not wasted the opportunity, as he's  delivered solid results for the owner. 
     "Donald must have seen something in me that he liked," Enriquez explained. "I was fortunate in that he gave me good horses right from the start. He got me going and I've been training Quarter Horses ever since."
    The trainer refers to his profession as his life, but there's more to his life than just horses. Enriquez and his wife, Lorena, have an eight-year-old son, Caesar, and a young daughter, Natalia. The trainer also shares a tight bond with his family, especially his father. "My family has been a big influence on my career," he added. "I learned a lot about horses working with my dad. In fact, my dad still works with horses." And now that some of his first goals are out the way, Enriquez has set a couple of new targets for himself. "I want to have a "big" horse," he said. "And I also want to win 50 races before reaching 200 starts. That's what I'm shooting for now." Jesus now trains his horses at the ranch that formerly housed the Roy and Dale Rogers Museum in Victorville. "The museum moved to Branson, Missouri and my family took over the ranch. We put a lot of work into the ranch and we are very proud of what we have done with it."