Bud Alessio has served as president of the PCQHRA. Boards of Directors since 1993.  During this time, his hands-on approach to directing the daily operations of the Association has played a key role in establishing financial stability for PCQHRA. and developing a strong working relationship with Los Alamitos Race Course. An active quarter horse breeder and owner since 1979, Bud was majority owner of Ruidoso Downs and Sunland Park race-tracks in New Mexico from 1972 to 1978. He began his service to the Association in 1992 and was elected president the following year.  Bud represents PCQHRA as an AQHA director, serves on the AQHA Racing Committee and is a past member of the Racing Council.  With his partners, Bud breeds exclusively to California stallions and campaigns solely at Los Alamitos.  When he's no overseeing the business of the Association, he heads a real estate investment firm based in San Diego.
"Having served on the Board for the past thirteen years, and as president for the last tweleve years, I have become very aware of the many areas in which PCQHRA assists California's quarter horse racing industry.  From the backside to the racetrack to the state legislature, we can be proud of our efforts to better the image of our sport.
"For the past several years, your association has been financially sound allowing us to focus our energies on the important issues of increasing purses, improving the state-bred awards program, and pursing legislation beneficial to our horsemen.
"Working closely with Los Alamitos Race Course, we also were successful in passing legislation last year that will set aside an estimated $300,000 to purses for the California Champions Night program, which features our state-bred horses in all age groups competing for nearly $1 million in purse money.

Bud point to areas of concern for California's quarter horse industry in the coming year:
1) Worker's Compensation.  "Although inroads have been made in the area of worker's compensation a lot of work is still left to be done."
2) Alternative Gaming.  "Alternative forms of gaming is essential to the survival of the entire racing industry in the state of California."