Wade Siegel is the CEO and President of the Agron Corporation, which is the exclusive licensee for Adidas and produces all its accessory products.  Wade was Director of Marketing for Adidas before heading the $105 million dollar Argon Company. Wade had a quiet season in 2004 but now appears to be putting together a solid group of horses for this year.  Wade recently added Kiss This G Bye to his stable. The mare is certainly a broodmare for the future, as her breeding line features the outstanding sire Holland Ease and the First Down Dash mare Plumb Hateful. Dorothy Nell, who competed in several stakes races last year, and Shes Oh Hi Oh are also part of his stable.

    Wade was appointed in November 2000 to status of an Ex-Officio Member to the PCQHRA Board.  Wade has been an influential force on the board ever since. He was behind the improvement of the PCQHRA web site.  His work and involvement with the site has helped bring the Quarter Horse Racing Industry to the fingertips of racing's owners and breeders.  Wade has also served on both the PCQHRA Publicity/Marketing Services Committee and on the Awards Committee for the past three years.  He is also a Board member for the Race Track Chaplaincy of America and has been instrumental in organizing fund raisers, donations and the RTCA Golf Tournament. 

 Wade is concerned about many issues facing the Quarter Horse Racing Industry.  He would like to see workmen's compensation legislative relief, alternative gaming to subsidize the purse structures and the attraction of new owners.  Wade views these issues as extremely important, especially the new owners, for the survival of Quarter Horse Racing in California.Wade's breeding program is underway and includes a ranch in Spring Creek, Oregon.  His vast knowledge and insight to the business world represents what the PCQHRA is looking for in the years to come.